Interior redesign is the affordable alternative to interior design.  Working with what you already have, we creatively transform your space using your existing furnishings, artwork and accessories.  It does not matter if your furnishings are old or new, you have a little or lot, all one style or an eclectic mix.  A redesigned room will reflect your personality, history and interests in the very best setting.  The space is more functional and inviting, and subsequently used more.

Interior redesign is the perfect solution if you:

  • like your furnishings but are tired with the existing room layout
  • know the space can look better, but are not sure how to pull the room(s) together
  • would like your room to be more spacious, warm and inviting
  • keep buying accessories or furniture to complete a look, but it just isn’t working
  • just moved and aren’t sure how to set up your old furnishings in a new space

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“Working with Erica has been an absolute delight. The professionalism and thoughtfulness that she used to approach our home design were exceptional. I was blown away by the clever way she pulled together the right furniture, accessories and colors to create a beautiful look for our home. Thank you so much.”  K.Kaukol – Lone Tree, CO